The Original Paintings were a series of Autobiographical Allegories Expressed in Oils on Linen, Canvas & Wood

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  • Getting ReadyGetting Ready Print
  • Red SocksRed Socks Print
  • NubianNubian Print
  • The Fairer HandThe Fairer Hand Print
  • HatchlingsHatchlings Print
  • Christy & TomChristy & Tom
  • Secret Life of TurtlesSecret Life of Turtles
  • Keep Your Eye On the BallKeep Your Eye On the Ball
  • My MadonnaMy Madonna Print
  • Fearful SymmetryFearful Symmetry Print
  • Tom Over MananaTom Over Manana
  • Fish Ferris WheelFish Ferris Wheel Print
  • Arielle In SlumberlandArielle In Slumberland Print
  • Untitled Blimp Landing #2Untitled Blimp Landing #2 Print
Getting Ready1 Red Socks2 Nubian3 The Fairer Hand4 Hatchlings5 Christy & Tom6 Secret Life of Turtles7 Keep Your Eye On the Ball8 My Madonna9 Fearful Symmetry10 Tom Over Manana11 Fish Ferris Wheel12 Arielle In Slumberland13 Untitled Blimp Landing #214