Fish Ferris Wheel Title

Prints offered in 2 sizes
Large Size: 32″ x 23″ $400.00
Small Size: 23″ x 18″ $250.00



What is a ferris wheel doing in the middle of the ocean?

In some parallel utopian universe, a place where world peace is not just a dream, waste is forbidden and ecology is god, there is an abundant surplus of time and resources which gives humanity the ability to embrace fish.

Wanting to show our aquatic brothers and sisters their appreciation, the people of earth made a fish ferris wheel that benignly lifts life from the sea giving them a view of our atmospheric world then gently returning them to their marine world. A particularly hot attraction during sunset and sunrise hours, only Walruses, Turtles, Penguins, Horseshoe Crabs, etc. have limited hours because of their amphibious status.

  • Each print is a signed and numbered Limited Edition of 300.
  • Printed with highest quality archival paper and ink with a minimum 1″ border.
  • 10% of each turtle series print is donated to help species preservation efforts around the globe.
  • Prints come with a certificate of authenticity.
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