For a limited time, World Famous Artist, Author and Educator, Victor Stabin is giving away his “Daedal Doodle Dictionary Curriculum Guide” along with the “Daedal Doodle Word Lovers Flashcards” to Teachers for Free.

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Daedal Doodle Dictionary Curriculum


The mission of Daedal Doodle is to improve literacy and critical thinking among youth by teaching students how to create literal and visual ideas in order to expand vocabulary, reading, writing and drawing skills. This is accomplished through a creative curriculum utilizing the simplest tools; a dictionary, legal pad, pen, drawing pad and a pencil.

Daedal Doodle Dictionary Curriculum goals are to:

  • Provide teachers with an interdisciplinary approach to promote learning and conceptual thinking through the power of words (Including: English, creative writing / drawing / art, computer technology)
  • Attaching vocabulary to drawing brings a new sense of gravity to art classes
  • Promote student self-esteem by unlocking their imaginations and demonstrating they too are capable of “thinking out of the box”
  • Overcome language barriers through drawing as a universal communication tool
  • Build vocabulary and knowledge retention by engaging students in exploring the dictionary to unlock visual and literal creativity through vocabulary
  • Draw students away from ever-present screen time by encouraging student self-discovery through a fun activity using the written word and their own imagination
  • Improve testing scores and college preparation through enhanced vocabulary
  • Develop teamwork & communication skills through group project participation

The Dictionary Curriculum Guide is a 24-page, fully illustrated guide that explains the dictionary curriculum process. It begins with the story of Daedal Doodle, followed by a quick-start, step-by-step illustrated lesson plan and ends with examples of student work. A small but powerfully informative book.

Each student gets a card to use as an example, if the student receives the letter A card, the letter A will be their assigned dictionary section – this is followed by the six simple steps outlined in the guide.

The Daedal Doodle Word Lovers Flashcards are a fun version of the book, Daedal Doodle. To start – each student receives a flashcard, which in turn assigns them a letter section of the dictionary. The cards are a pocket-size sample of the project – showing a set of alliterative words, the words’ definitions, inspired illustration, and a descriptive illuminating sentence that connects the words to the art.

‘A’ Card Front

‘A’ Card Back

‘B’ Card Front

‘B’ Card Back

‘C’ Card Front

‘C’ Card Back

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A Dictionary, Legal Pad, Drawing Pad, Pencil & Eraser

The Daedal Doodle Project in Action

Ludic Lepus curpaeums

Ludic, adj. Showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness.

Lepus curpaeums, n. A wild hare.

The enthusiastic Ludic Lepus curpaeums bursted into an asymmetric ellipical frenzy.

Yag Yaveh

Yagi, n. A directional radio and television antenna consisting of a horizontal conductor with several insulated dipoles.

Yaveh, n. An African costume used for portraying evil.

The Yagi Yaveh rooftop reception was more startling than directional.

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The vision of Daedal Doodle is to create a world where students become lifelong lovers of words and drawing – and in so doing acquire the self-esteem that enables them to leapfrog into a world of boundless ideas that dovetails with the desire to articulate their thoughts through multiple medium and in the long run develop creative adult leaders of tomorrow.

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