E=MC ³

E=MC3 Animation Movie Poster

In this surrealist dreamscape based on actual events, “E=MC³” is a tale of Albert Einstein’s invention and patenting of the perpetual motion refrigerator that brings peace to the Middle East. The animation combines fantastic imagery with tongue-in-cheek storytelling and plenty of schtick.

This story had its genesis in the strange but true account of Einstein’s work on a highly efficient refrigerator designed while in Berlin circa 1920s. This remarkable story combines Stabin’s long-running love affair with public Radio with a narrative that unfolds through an NPR-style radio interview – an interview conducted by a talking clam voiced by Dave Davies of NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

The Bonito is Finito

The Bonito is Finito Poster
Ripped from the Radio comes a timely, true, Cautionary Tale about the half mackerel – half oak tree mutant named Bibo, the Bifoliated Bonito. A circle of life, end times fable, about a happy hermaphrodite living in a pharmaceutical-laced Michigan lake. Listen and watch as chatty clams – (that sound remarkably like NPR broadcasters) tell this stunning creature’s, stunning story. Featuring the voices of the BBC’s Lucy Kellaway, WNYC’s Dr. Carl Safina, NPR’s Brooke Gladstone and WNYC’s the Beautiful Andy Lanset.