Daedal Doodle – Second Edition


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Vain snails, a small-headed monster looking for love, and sub-atomic sheep captivate readers through quirky words, illuminating definitions, and Victor Stabin’s spellbinding imagery. Daedal Doodle, the abc book for the ages, provides a full A to Z intellectual experience as the reader discovers the true meaning of an Eohippus’s Epizoon and what on earth a Ganoid Gubbins might be!

Inspired by reading ABC books to his daughter Skyler, Victor fused his love of words and his incessant doodling to create the improbable alliterations and illustrations of Daedal Doodle. He combed through 8,000 pages of dictionaries to find the alliterative couplets that underlie this wacky revue of improbable characters.


  •  High-Quality Art Coffee Table Book
  • Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
  • Published in the USA, 9/15/2015
  • ISBN: 9780986308710
  • 76 Pages- 25% more content than first edition
  • Includes a Daedal Doodle Poster
  • 10.75″ x 10.75
  • Two gate fold-outs
  • Spot varnished book jacket
  • Radio Stories
  • Student & Teacher friendly
  • Stitch binding – 100 year warranty


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