The Art Of Victor Stabin : Boxed Set



I went to Arlette’s house to see her new pet ducks. She had hatched these creatures from eggs, making Arlette the first living thing the ducklings laid their eyes on. Arlette explained to me that the hatchling duck imprints the first thing it sees as its mother, making Arlette their mom. I was 16 the first time I heard the word “imprint” and realized my friend was a giant duck.

Ideas that never fade are “imprints” that make their way to the pen and the brush. Imprint Inprint is a collection of these moments.

The ducks, Poco and Garcia, followed Arlette everywhere. Maybe some of these images will “imprint” and follow you.

  •  2 Each of 20 Postcards, 40 in Total
  •  16pt Cardstock with Glossy Front
  • Postcard Size: 4′′ x 6′′
  • Each card has a highly researched quote from a cross-cultural canon of assorted luminaries.