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It started out as a logo, J.T. FRINGE. The Stabino Fringe font was originally made for an Arts Festival in Jim Thorpe, PA. It was so well received, I spent the next year and a half creating the rest of the alphabet. The type face has never been licensed commercially and can only be purchased through or the Victor Stabin Gallery in Jim Thorpe.

  • Perfect Personalized Gift
  • All Prints Signed by the Artist
  • Dimensions 24′′ x 24′′
Order a Stabino Fringe custom print of your initials (or whatever you have in mind).  Makes a Great Gift!
Custom Prints starts at $450.  Please complete the Custom Print Order Form for more information.
  • ABC-Room
  • Stabino Fringe
  • Alice Schwartz Initials
  • The Brian Lehrer Show
  • Joseph Ferren Hiatt Initials
  • Chronical Books - Melissa Manlove
  • Neil-Simon
  • Victor Stabin Initials
  • WNYC Radio
  • WQXR Radio
ABC-Room1 Stabino Fringe2 Alice Schwartz Initials3 The Brian Lehrer Show4 Joseph Ferren Hiatt Initials5 Chronical Books - Melissa Manlove6 Neil-Simon7 Victor Stabin Initials8 WNYC Radio9 WQXR Radio10